10 stories from Ukraine’s 2017

In 2017, UkraineWorld networking initiative produced many stories to provide Ukrainian and international audience with a picture of what has been happening in and around Ukraine. We have been following highs and lows of Ukraine’s politics, controversies in the international arena, conflict with Russia, pace of country’s transformations and much more.

Here, we have selected 10 most eye-catching – in our opinion – pieces to recollect in memory the developments of 2017 to see how the face of Ukraine has been changing throughout the outgoing year.


  1. What Ukrainians Really Think: 10 Key Insights from Ukraine’s 2017 Opinion Polls
  2. Ukraine’s Changes Keep Hope for Eastern Europe
  3. Russian Blackmail In The Council Of Europe?
  4. Symbolic expansion: how Putin annexes history, not only territories
  5. 10 Things To Know About Today’s Ukrainian Army
  6. Why Asking For ‘Painful Concessions’ From Ukraine is Wrong
  7. Online Wars: How Ukrainians Live Without the Russian Internet
  8. Ukrainian Village Creates Jobs Thanks To Local Reforms
  9. Unexpected Industry: Dozens of New Enterprises Signal Ukraine’s Economic Recovery
  10. Ukraine’s Transport Potential: Key Facts You Should Know


Prepared by UkraineWorld team

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