About Us

UkraineWorld is an initiative aimed at bringing together key Ukrainian and international experts and journalists interested in Ukrainian issues, as well counteracting propaganda and disinformation. The initiative was proposed by Internews Ukraine in 2014 and supported by key Ukrainian media and expert organizations dealing with international audiences.

UkraineWorld functions as a communication network, mainly through daily exchange of information in the respective Google group.

This website serves as an additional tool, accumulating texts and analysis produced as a result of group discussions and debates. The website will contain analysis of the most important developments in and around Ukraine. Articles produced by the group have been published at Atlantic Council, Newsweek Europe, Euromaidan Press Hromadske, Ukraine Crisis Media Centre, Global Ukraine and other media.

From the Ukrainian side we engaged key organizations dealing with international audiences: Internews Ukraine, Hromadske, StopFake, Ukraine Crisis Media Centre, Institute for World Policy, Euromaidan Press, International Renaissance Foundation, Kyiv Post etc.

From the international side representatives of the following think tanks and media have joined the group: Chatham House, Atlantic Council, European Council on Foreign Relations, German Council on Foreign Relations, Carnegie Foundation, EU Institute for Security Studies, Belingcat, European Values think tank as well as Financial Times, Le Monde, The Economist, BBC, Reuters, France 24, Zeit, El Pais and many others. The list of members who agreed to participate so far can be found here

Day-to-day communication is handled within a google-group in which we exchange ideas and information, and implement some joint initiatives. The international actors participating in this this group will be able to get first-hand information about Ukraine from Ukrainian competent experts and journalists. They will also be able get on-demand information and consultation if issues arise in their Ukraine-focused work.

If you are interested in joining the initiative, we kindly ask you to fill in this registration form.

Ukraine World tweets at @ukraine_world.