Ukraine Explained
June 25, 2019

What Ukraine's New Parties Bring to the Table

June has been challenging month to keep up with Ukraine’s vibrant politics. Numerous new political parties—Servant of the People, Holos, Might and Honor, Ukrainian Strategy, and others—held party...
Ukraine Explained
June 24, 2019

Who are Ukrainian Nationalists, and how do they differ?

Recently, the main nationalist parties, Svoboda, National Corps, Right Sector and three smaller parties, said they would run together in the Parliamentary election on 21 July.
Ukraine Explained
June 24, 2019

Ukraine Has Its Seven Wonders Too

Even though none of the Seven Wonders of the World are in Ukraine, Ukraine has its own Seven Wonders.
June 21, 2019

Real-Life Locations of HBO's Chernobyl

HBO mini-series Chernobyl accurately replicates Soviet life of 1986. While many locations shown on the series are real, they do not always look the same. Our journalist visited the exclusion...
June 19, 2019

8 Amazing Cities to Visit in Ukraine

Ukraine is the second largest country in Europe (after the European part of Russia). It has many beautiful cities and towns for you to visit. We have selected 8 amazing cities worth your...
Ukraine Explained
June 14, 2019

5 Ukrainian Biosphere Reserves You Have to Visit

The biggest virgin steppe in Europe with a safari, the largest valley of narcissus in Europe, a huge, unique post-apocalyptic area, and other amazing places await you in Ukrainian biosphere reserves
Ukraine Explained
June 10, 2019

Second Wind: Will Ukrainian Regional Airports See the Take-off of European Low Cost Carriers?

In the last few years, development of aviation has received an unprecedented boost in Ukraine. In fact, Ukraine's Ministry of Infrastructure went as far in its enthusiasm as to advocate for the...
June 10, 2019

Ep. 12 — IMF, Kolomoyskyi, Default

Host Volodymyr Yermolenko (Ukraine World, Internews Ukraine)welcomes to the studio Sergiy Fursa, Debt Securities Sales Specialist at Dragon Capital. They discuss perspectives of Ukraine's cooperation...
May 29, 2019

Rebecca Harms on Eastern Partnership, President Volodymyr Zelenskiy and Russia’s possible return to PACE

The 10th anniversary of the EU’s Eastern Partnership initiative provided a great opportunity for a UkraineWorld analyst, alongside journalists representing other Ukrainian media outlets, to meet...
May 28, 2019

Understanding Ukraine’s Plaсe In Global Healthcare Innovation

The life-and-death nature of the healthcare industry might be a factor to slow the adoption of new technologies in this sphere. However, the digitalization of hospitals is underway all over the...