August 6, 2020

Troll Warriors: Who is Commenting On Popular YouTube Channels With Anti-Western Rhetoric And Why

A massive information campaign against Ukraine's pro-EU and pro-Western orientation is spreading in Ukraine across TV channels and social networks. Anti-Western videos on Youtube often have hundreds...
Ukraine Explained
August 3, 2020

A Long Path To Equality: Where Is Ukraine On LGBT Rights?

While acceptance of LGBT people in Ukraine has progressed in recent years, protecting their rights remains a challenge. Key challenges include religion-based hostility, loopholes in the law,...
Ukraine Explained
July 31, 2020

From the Bottom Up: How Decentralization Is Creating New Incentives in Ukraine

Thanks to the country’s decentralization reform, local communities are more frequently becoming centers of innovations in today’s Ukraine. They are helping to revive remote regions and modernize...
July 28, 2020

Ukraine In 5 Minutes. Religion: How Eastern Christianity Influenced Ukraine's History

In 988, Prince Volodymyr accepted Eastern Christianity and initiated the process of baptizing the whole country. Watch the video by Volodymyr Yermolenko to find out how Eastern Christianity influenced...
Ukraine Explained
July 27, 2020

Creative Quarantine: Three Stories About Ukrainians Who Have Turned Lockdown Into An Opportunity

In Ukraine, the COVID-19 lockdown has not only been about public health challenges and economic hardships; it has brought a spike in creativity.
July 23, 2020

Ukraine In 5 Minutes. Why Are Cossacks Key to Understanding Ukraine

If you know the history of the cossacks, you won’t be surprised to find that Ukrainians, who seem quiet and humble at first sight, can go to protest on Maidan and become courageous warriors....
Ukraine Explained
July 21, 2020

Ukraine In Lockdown: Stories From Three Local Communities

The COVID-19 pandemic lockdown has not been just about fear and social distancing. It has also inspired local communities to become major contributors to the coronavirus fight.
July 17, 2020

An Army of Trolls Pushing the Russian Narrative on MH17: Who Are They?

The army of trolls pushing the Russian narrative on MH17 discovered 6 years after the crash
Russian Aggression
July 16, 2020

MH17: Six Years On, Where Do We Stand?

July 17th marks the sixth anniversary of the tragic day when Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was shot down over Ukraine’s war-torn Donbas, taking the lives of 298 innocent people.
July 15, 2020

Countering Negativity: How Solutions Journalism Can Help Us Find Hope Amid COVID-19

Since the pandemic hit, the public need for answers has pushed many journalists to rethink their approach to telling stories. Ukrainian and international experts shared their experiences and...