December 19, 2022

What Are the Key Moments of the First 200 Days of the Russian War?

UkraineWorld has translated the key aspects of review of a new book Over the Precipice, by Volodymyr Horbulin and Valentyn Badrak, military experts.
December 16, 2022

What Is the Current Situation With Judicial Reform in Ukraine?

UkraineWorld spoke to Mykhailo Zhernakov, chair of the board of the DEJURE Foundation.
December 15, 2022

What Is the Situation With Ukraine`s Energy Infrastructure?

UkraineWorld spoke to Roman Nitsovych, Research Director at DiXi Group.
December 14, 2022

What Are the Prospects of a Customs Visa-Free Regime for Ukraine?

UkraineWorld spoke to Veronika Movchan, Research Director at the Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting.
December 13, 2022

What Are the Weapon Capabilities of Ukraine and Russia?

UkraineWorld spoke to Ivan Kyrychevsky, military expert at Defense Express Media & Consulting Company.
November 7, 2022

What Are the Prospects of Ukraine-NATO Cooperation?

UkraineWorld spoke to Hanna Shelest, director of Security Programmes at the Ukrainian Prism Foreign Policy Council.
November 2, 2022

Occupied Kherson Region: Current State

What provocations may the Russian occupiers have in store in Kherson Region, and what do Russian martial law and evacuations in these territories mean?
November 1, 2022

What is Russia’s "De-Satanization" Rhetoric About?

UkraineWorld spoke to Dmytro Horyevoy, religious scholar, director of the Center for Religious Security NGO.
October 27, 2022

Situation in Southern Ukraine: Kherson Region

On the situation in the occupied and liberated territories of the Kherson region and on the information space in the occupied South, UkraineWorld spoke to the director...
October 26, 2022

What Are the Upcoming Highlights and Prospects for the Current Heating Season?

UkraineWorld spoke to Volodymyr Omelchenko, Director of energy and infrastructure programs of the Razumkov Center.