April 18, 2019

The Restless Wave: 10 Key Ideas From Kyiv Security Forum 2019

The twelfth instalment of the annual Kyiv Security Forum took place on 11-12 April 2019. This year, the Forum’s agenda was dedicated to the strategic choice of Ukraine...
April 1, 2019

Ukraine's 2019 election: first conclusions

Our first conclusions from the 1st round of Ukraine's 2019 presidential vote: democracy wins, Russia loses, virtual reality and populism 2.0 win too
March 11, 2019

Why Kundera was wrong or how Ukraine gained its place in Europe

Thirty years ago the Berlin Wall fell and so did the old world order. The Soviet Union only survived a couple of years . Some might remember the vision of Mikhail...
March 6, 2019

How Ukrainian Courts Work: A Beginner's Guide For International Litigators

After more than a decade of serving international clients in Ukrainian disputes, I still see many foreign clients coming to Ukraine completely unversed in the nature...