Russian Aggression

Russian Aggression
October 22, 2020

How Oleg Sentsov’s Story Helps Us Understand The Destiny Of Ukrainian Political Prisoners in Russia

Since 2014, Ukrainian filmmaker Oleg Sentsov has been the face of Ukrainian political prisoners in Russia. A year after his release, Sentsov’s memories of prison...
Russian Aggression
July 16, 2020

MH17: Six Years On, Where Do We Stand?

July 17th marks the sixth anniversary of the tragic day when Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was shot down over Ukraine’s war-torn Donbas, taking the lives of 298...
Russian Aggression
April 16, 2020

With Easter Approaching, Russian Church Risks Jeopardizing Believers’ Health

While the pan-Ukrainian quarantine makes the various Christian churches seek ways to celebrate upcoming Easter weekend responsibly, the Russian church in Ukraine...
Russian Aggression
January 20, 2020

What Is Going On in Donbas? - Interview with Representative of Ukraine’s Ombudswoman

Against the backdrop of political twists and turns in Ukraine, Donbas has ceased to be in the media spotlight. UkraineWorld talked to the representative of the Ukrainian...
Russian Aggression
December 8, 2019

How Apple Told Russians That Crimea Was Theirs And Why Kremlin Is To Blame

In November 2019 Apple, a California-based tech giant, updated its Apple Maps and Weather apps to show users located in Russia that Crimean cities belong to Russia....
Russian Aggression
December 4, 2019

Donbas is Europe’s Forgotten War: Interview with German Reporter Who Covers the Conflict

Why is the war in Donbas "Europe's forgotten war", and how is it different from other conflicts in the world? German war reporter Till Mayer, who covers the conflict...
Russian Aggression
September 24, 2019

Ukraine’s Place in the Geopolitical Puzzle is Shifting. That was the Point

Euphoria surrounding the recent prisoner swap between Ukraine and Russia is all but unjustified. Ukraine managed to bring home the most well-known among its citizens...
Russian Aggression
September 24, 2019

The Kremlin is betting we will forget these names

On September 7, thirty-five Ukrainians were released after Kyiv and the Kremlin exchanged prisoners. But the story is far from over. More than 110 Ukrainians are...
Russian Aggression
September 9, 2019

What Price Did Ukraine Pay for Prisoner Exchange?

A historic exchange of prisoners between Ukraine and Russia took place on September 7. Thirty-five Ukrainians were released from Russian prisons and returned home....
August 30, 2019

Ukraine Urged to Get Ready for Post-Conflict Justice

Setting out an agenda to deal with human rights abuses, prosecute perpetrators of crimes committed during the war in Ukraine is a challenge new government faces.