Ukraine Explained

Ukraine Explained
October 10, 2019

Ukraine & Space: 7 Things Worth Knowing

In Soviet times, Ukraine was famous for its rocket and space industry. On gaining independence, the country has retained its prestigious status as a space state,...
Ukraine Explained
October 9, 2019

Ukraine: a Book of Essays to be Presented in Germany

The book in English about Ukraine “Ukraine in Histories and Stories: Essays by Ukrainian intellectuals” will be presented in Germany: in Berlin (Oct 16), Frankfurt...
Ukraine Explained
September 27, 2019

On a Steady Track to Inclusive Education: What Has Ukraine Done So Far?

Inclusive education is quite a novelty in Ukraine, where the overall inclusion rate is just 7%. However, with Soviet-style segregation and neglect for people with...
Ukraine Explained
September 27, 2019

TOP 5 Green Projects and Trends in Ukraine

As the host country for the notoriously deserted city of Chernobyl, and having its shores washed with the Black Sea that has been recognized as Europe's dirtiest...
Ukraine Explained
September 26, 2019

Gas Transit, Liquefied Gas and Connectivity with Europe: Interview with DiXi Group

Energy-related issues revolving around Ukraine are as numerous as they are significant these days. Facing suspension of gas transit passing through its territory...
Russian Aggression
September 24, 2019

Ukraine’s Place in the Geopolitical Puzzle is Shifting. That was the Point

Euphoria surrounding the recent prisoner swap between Ukraine and Russia is all but unjustified. Ukraine managed to bring home the most well-known among its citizens...
Ukraine Explained
September 5, 2019

Ukraine’s De-Communization: Pros and Cons

Recent political changes in Ukraine have put de-communization in an in-between situation. It`s time to look again at retrospective, opinions and new challenges for...
August 30, 2019

Ukraine Urged to Get Ready for Post-Conflict Justice

Setting out an agenda to deal with human rights abuses and prosecute perpetrators of crimes committed during the war in Ukraine is a complex but crucial challenge...
Ukraine Explained
August 15, 2019

No Rada for Old Men: New Faces in Ukraine’s 9th Convocation of Parliament

This year’s early parliamentary elections have marked one of the biggest reboots in the history of Ukraine’s parliamentarism since the country gained its independence...
Ukraine Explained
July 23, 2019

Indigenous Peoples in Ukraine You May Have Never Heard About

Most people know Ukraine only for two indigenous peoples – Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars. But there are three more unique autochthonous nations you may have never...