Story #14. Russian Shelling in Lviv. This is What It Feels Like

May 5, 2022
Testimony of a witness. From an Instagram post by Olena Matviyas.

"Air raid siren! I was not afraid of that until today, because our air defence usually shot down enemy missiles. I only felt the shockwave once when it hit the repair plant. But now…"

During that night she dreamed of horrors. She got up at 6 am, went to the kitchen, drank tea, played with her cat and went to bed again at 7:30.

At 7:45 there was an air alarm, but she was staying in bed. She heard the bang once, ran into the hallway, then Olena heard it a second time, and felt the shockwave. She went to the window with her mother-in-law and saw 2 more missiles.

They flew like a match, in a split second there was a flash, an explosion and the air was full of smoke! Panic! Screaming! Olena was shaken with fear and hid in the bathroom.

She waited for the air alarm to end, then took a sedative as she lost her nerve. It turned out that a total of 5 rockets had flown just 800 meters from our house. 7 people were killed and 11 wounded…



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