July 17, 2024

Nicolas Tenzer on Putinism as absolute evil

Why should Putinism be considered as absolute evil?
July 8, 2024

Ben Hodges: how can we win against Russia?

How can Ukraine protect its cities from Russian missiles and bombs, and why does the West need to do things much faster than it is now?
July 3, 2024

How do we form our knowledge about the Russian-Ukrainian war? - with Olga Burlyuk

This war also concerns the politics of knowledge production.
June 26, 2024

Ukraine-Australia relations | Ukraine’s global partnerships #2

On the importance of cooperation between Ukraine and Australia.
June 21, 2024

This war is a battle of democracy against autocracy - with Lucan Way

What challenges does democracy face in light of the Russian war on Ukraine?
June 13, 2024

Timothy Garton Ash on how Ukraine is changing Europe

Is democracy in decline today? How is Ukraine’s resistance to the Russian invasion changing Europe?
June 11, 2024

Serhii Plokhii on the historical context of the Russo-Ukrainian war

How can history help us understand the Russian invasion of Ukraine?
June 1, 2024

How Russia kidnaps Ukrainian children, and why

Almost 20,000 Ukrainian children have been kidnapped by Russia during its invasion of Ukraine, according to Kyiv’s official data.
May 31, 2024

Ukraine-India relations | Ukraine’s global partnerships #1

Can India and Ukraine forge mutually beneficial relations despite their unique contexts?
May 31, 2024

What do other Europeans think about Ukraine?

What do citizens of the EU and the United Kingdom think about Ukraine?