What is the current situation in Kherson Oblast?

June 8, 2023
UkraineWorld asked Oleh Baturyn, journalist, author of investigations at the Center for Journalistic Investigations.
Photo credit: Kostyantyn & Vlada Liberov
  • Water continues to arrive in the settlements of the Dnipro's lower reaches. The water level in the Ingulets River continues to rise. However, we're observing a significant drop in the water level in Nova Kakhovka and in the Kakhovka Reservoir.
  • State services and volunteers are actively working in the earlier liberated territory of Kherson Oblast, the right bank of Dnipro. Aid is being provided to those affected while evacuation efforts are underway, and the overall situation remains manageable.
  • Locals tell of their optimism despite the harsh conditions.
  • Due to heavy flooding, the situation is extremely difficult In some areas of the Right Bank, with people being stranded due to heavy floods.  Since the roads are flooded these areas can only be reached by boat.
  • The current condition on the occupied territories, the left bank of Dnipro, is dire. Their fate has been left in their own hands as the occupiers have abandoned them. No evacuation efforts have been initiated.
  • On the contrary, occupation authorities are making it difficult for Ukrainians to move deeper inland where water won't reach. Several villages there are completely submerged. The number of those stranded in their homes is currently unknown.
  • There are still many Russian troops on the Left Bank, but they've relocated a deeper inland. The good news - some of their positions have been flooded and therefore compromised. According to reports, a large number of Russian military personnel were unable to flee.
OLEH BATURYN, journalist, author of investigations at the Center for Journalistic Investigations