Hromadske Announces a Conference on Rebuilding Ukraine, "Building already!"

May 10, 2023
On 7 June, Kyiv School of Economics will host four panel discussions with experts and opinion leaders.

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, hromadske announces an exclusive conference on rebuilding Ukraine, "Building already!"

Main partner: NATO

What new reality awaits us and the world after the war? How to live after the victory and what challenges to prepare for?

On June 7, we will hold four panel discussions with experts and opinion leaders at the Kyiv School of Economics.

SECURITY. New life with an old neighbor

Discussion of the model of long-term "coexistence" with Russia and Belarus after the cessation of active hostilities, ways to build defense and effective models of preventing aggression, as well as the role of Ukraine as a deterrent to Russia's imperial ambitions in Europe.

We will also talk about de-mining our territories, as currently about 30% of Ukraine's territory is mined, and the restoration begins with de-mining.

TRANSPARENCY. New Ukraine without old schemes

After the victory, Ukraine will receive large amounts of money from partners and business representatives for reconstruction. Currently, there are no mechanisms in place to control the targeted use of these funds and to prevent their theft. That is why working groups are already being set up to develop transparency and accountability tools.

PEOPLE. At the heart and center of everything

Reconstruction should be primarily focused on people, their safety, comfort, and development. During the discussion, we will talk about a new education system, rebuilding schools and hospitals according to European standards, and mechanisms for returning people who were forced to flee from abroad.


For more than a year now, Ukraine has been at the top of the news, and the level of support is extremely high. But how do we maintain this admiration for our country after the victory? We need to develop a communication strategy for promoting the Ukrainian brand in the international information space right now.

Among the speakers and moderators are Masi Nayyem, Oksen Lisovyi, Natalia Humeniuk, Daria Kaleniuk, Maria Lypiatska, Nicola de Santis, Ole Egberg Mikkelsen, Viktor Nestulia, TBC.

For more information about the conference contact us at or call 067 505 67 40

To buy a ticket to the conference, please follow the link:

All proceeds from ticket sales will be transferred to rebuild Ukraine through the UNITED24 fundraising platform.

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