Serhii Plokhii on the historical context of the Russo-Ukrainian war

June 11, 2024
How can history help us understand the Russian invasion of Ukraine?

Why can Moscow not even imagine itself without Kyiv? Is Russia an empire in decline?

  • The Explaining Ukraine podcast invites Professor Serhii Plokhii, a prominent Ukrainian historian, director of the Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute (HURI), and author of numerous books about Ukraine, Russia, and Eastern Europe. His latest book is The Russo-Ukrainian War: The Return of History.

This conversation was held in Kyiv on May 24th, 2024, before Plokhii met with the Ukrainian public at the UkraineWorld Club and PEN Ukraine.

  • Host: Volodymyr Yermolenko, Ukrainian philosopher, chief editor of UkraineWorld and president of PEN Ukraine.

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