Timothy Snyder: Freedom as a Value and a Task - a Talk in Kyiv

September 13, 2023

Why is freedom the highest value? Are we really born free? Or is freedom instead a great task and mission for both society and the individual to achieve?

Why is the negative idea of freedom (freedom from) not sufficient today, and why should we strive for positive freedom, the freedom to?

What can the experiences of Ukraine and Eastern Europe tell us about other parts of the world about this value of freedom?

This episode is a recording of Timothy Snyder's conversation with the Ukrainian cultural and intellectual community, organized by PEN Ukraine and UkraineWorld on September 6, 2023.

The conversation was moderated by Volodymyr Yermolenko, a Ukrainian philosopher, president of PEN Ukraine, and the chief editor of UkraineWorld.

Timothy Snyder regularly travels to Ukraine. We had this conversation during his visit to Ukraine in early September 2023.

He traveled to the southern regions affected by the war and also stayed in Kyiv to finalize his new book about freedom.

We dedicate this conversation to the memory of Ihor Kozlovskyi, a prominent Ukrainian intellectual, religious scholar, and activist, who passed away on September 6th.

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