Ukrainian students and professors going abroad: is it good or bad? | Ep. 160

November 17, 2022

Many students and professors are on the frontline, but many have also gone abroad. Universities are seeking international partnerships, while demand for expertise from and in Ukraine has also increased. Are we facing a brain drain, or is this the start of a true internationalization of Ukrainian universities?

Learn more from the new episode of the Explaining Ukraine podcast. This conversation is hosted by Tetyana Ogarkova, a Ukrainian scholar and journalist, and head of the international department at Ukraine Crisis Media Center. Tetyana's guest is Olena Orzhel, chief scientific officer at the Institute of Higher Education of Ukraine's National Academy of Educational Sciences.

This episode was recorded as part of a project of the Education Analytics think tank, supported by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation. Opinions expressed in this episode are solely those of the authors' and do not necessarily reflect the opinions and beliefs of the Foundation.

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