Ep. 35 - How a Ukrainian App is Promoting Solidarity with Prisoners of Kremlin

October 6, 2020

A new app using augmented reality technology to tell the stories of Ukrainian prisoners of the Kremlin has been launched by Internews Ukraine, with support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation. The app will help users become immersed in the experiences of prisoners and their living conditions. Listen to the UkraineWorld podcast with Olexiy Furman, a Ukrainian visual storyteller, to learn how high-tech media are being used for humanitarian purposes in Ukraine.

This podcast is produced within a project implemented by Internews-Ukraine with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation, in cooperation with the Center for Civil Liberties and other partners. The project is part of the global #PrisonersVoice campaign, which aims to draw global attention to Ukrainian political prisoners who have been or are still in Russian prisons, and to the Russian Federation's violation of international human rights law.

The positions of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation may not coincide with the opinions expressed in this podcast.

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