How A Tailor Shop Gives Work To People With Disabilities

September 17, 2020

While inclusion is still a wishful thinking in Ukraine, some companies are trying to change the situation by putting the idea of socially responsible business in the heart of their strategy. Our new video is about the first inclusive tailor shop in Ukraine that supports people with disabilities and helps them discover their talents.

This is the first inclusive atelier in Ukraine. Lady Di Atelier produces scarves with prints painted by women and children with disabilities.

“Women with disabilities can find a job here, they can do work they enjoy. We find a personal approach to each woman”, its co-founder, Iryna Liakhovenko, says.

To discover and develop young talents, this tailor shop opened its Sunshine Studio of art therapy workshops.

“Lady Di Atelier already has one “sunshine” artist. Her name is Andriana Chukhniy”, the tailor shop’s artist and mentor, Olha Stavnykovych, adds. “I have been working with her for almost a year. She has developed her own style of painting, and we print most of her works on scarves.”

The tailor shop also puts paintings on sale so that their authors can earn money. The best artworks turn into designer scarves. Although it is still too early to talk about profit, this inclusive tailor shop is dreaming big. Having already earned clients among Ukrainian celebrities, their goal is to reach hearts globally.

The material was prepared with the support of the International Renaissance Foundation within the framework of the project Stories from Ukraine. The material reflects the position of the authors and does not necessarily coincide with the position of the International Renaissance Foundation.

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