February 18, 2021

Why Ukrainians Mistrust Russian “Liberalism”

The recent protests in Russia have met mixed reactions in Ukraine. Russian “liberal” forces might inspire some empathy in Ukraine, but often also face a great deal...
February 5, 2021
January 28, 2021

Zelensky Wants To Downsize Ukraine’s Parliament. Will This Change Anything?

Ukraine’s legislature cleared all but the final hurdle for Zelensky’s initiative to decrease the number of MPs by one third. What are the motives behind such an...
January 21, 2021

What Does Aleksey Navalny Really Think About Ukraine, Crimea And Donbas?

Are Russian liberals indeed so liberal that they will ease tensions between Ukraine and Russia?
November 9, 2020

What Does Biden’s Win Mean For Ukraine?

What will Joe Biden's election as US President mean for Ukraine? UkraineWorld listened to what experts had to say in a discussion organised by the Kyiv Security...
October 23, 2020

Why Ukraine’s Local Elections Are Worth Watching

Ukrainians will go to the polls on October 25th to elect their local governments. UkraineWorld explains why these elections are so important.
September 11, 2020

Europe and Dignity: How Ukraine Can Help Rethink Europe’s Core Value

UkraineWorld republishes an op-ed written by its chief editor Volodymyr Yermolenko for 3dcftas.eu
September 8, 2020

Why Russian Soft Power Is A Threat For Both Ukraine And Europe

In Western coun­tries, there is a widespread idea that the goal of Russian soft power is to divide and pola­rize. Ukraine’s expe­ri­ence shows that this is only...
September 3, 2020

Which Way Will Post-Lukashenka Belarus Go?

The current Belarusian transformation could be leading to results similar to those of the 2018 Velvet Revolution in Armenia rather than of the 2013-2014 Revolution...
August 20, 2020

“Some of the most genuine protests I’ve seen:” Ukrainian journalist on Belarus’ protests

Natalya Gumenyuk, a prominent Ukrainian journalist, is covering the protests in Belarus and shares her impressions and analysis with UkraineWorld from Minsk