Russian Aggression

Russian Aggression
December 28, 2021

The Possible Russian Attack Against Ukraine: Learn More From UkraineWorld’s podcasts

Amid rising tensions with Russia, many are wondering whether Moscow will embark upon a full-scale attack against Ukraine. UkraineWorld’s recent podcasts look at...
Russian Aggression
December 18, 2021

Bordering a Constant Threat: What Ukrainians Think About a Possible New Russian Invasion

Concerns over Russia's possible new invasion of Ukraine are rising in the West. But Ukrainians have lived in a reality of ongoing war for years. What do they think...
Russian Aggression
December 2, 2021

“Europe’s problems are just beginning”: Russia tests narratives about the Belarus migrant crisis on social media

Russian proxies have been giving information backing on social media to the Lukashenka-manufactured migrant crisis on Belarus’ borders with the EU.
Russian Aggression
November 30, 2021

Russia's Military Escalation Against Ukraine: LIVE UPDATES

The situation around Donbas is escalating as Russia is increasing its military presence along Ukraine’s border. Here are regular updates.
Russian Aggression
November 9, 2021

Ukraine, Russia and the Last Empire in Europe

Recently Putin and then Medvedev published articles on Ukraine-Russia relations. Read a recent analysis by our Editor-In-Chief to know more.
June 11, 2021

Why Kremlin Propaganda Lies about “Glory to Ukraine - Glory to Heroes” Slogan

Why Kremlin propaganda lies about “Glory to Ukraine - Glory to heroes” slogan? We explain in our new material.
Russian Aggression
April 20, 2021

The Czech Republic Blames Russia for a 2014 Explosion: How Is It Related to Ukraine?

The Czech Republic blames Russia for a 2014 explosion: how is it related to Ukraine? We have prepared a timeline of key events around the issue:
March 19, 2021

First Dependent: How Pro-Kremlin Media Is Trying to Get Around Sanctions

After sanctions were imposed on TV channels linked to pro-Russian oligarch Victor Medvedchuk, a new channel was set up to take their place.
Russian Aggression
March 18, 2021

Seven Years of Russian Occupation of Crimea: Where Are We Now?

7 years have passed since Russia invaded Crimea. In the span of a few weeks, the appearance of Russia's "little green men" turned into an illegal referendum on the...
Russian Aggression
March 17, 2021

Public Discussion: Is the Kremlin Preparing a New War against Ukraine?

Recent developments raise the question of whether the Kremlin is preparing a new war against Ukraine. Watch our discussion to know more!