April 14, 2024

Story #144. War from Two Perspectives: Scientist and Drone Operator in Action

Tymur Bedernichek is a soil ecologist who has experienced the war from two perspectives: as a soldier and as a researcher.
April 8, 2024

Story #143. Remaining a Humanist at War

Reflections from the Avdiivka direction: a Ukrainian soldier on the value of his own and the enemy's lives.
April 3, 2024

Story #142. Ramadan During Wartime: Insights Into Ukraine's Muslim Community

Aisha Issa, the head of the Ukrainian Muslimahs League, explains how their community comes together to observe Islam's holiest month while helping all.
March 19, 2024

Story #141: Writer Reveals Crimean Tatar History Through Personal Perspectives

Yevhenia Henova, a storybook author, collected memories of 14 Crimean Tatar families to cast light on the turbulent lives of the people.
March 8, 2024

Story #140: Feminist Organization Becomes Women's Shelter From War Storm

Anastasiia Herasymenko, cofounder of the feminist organization Marsh Zhinok, shares how the group expanded its activities to assist women in need during wartime.
February 29, 2024

Story #139. My Name is Ezra: An Activist Reviving the Lost Culture of Crimean Karaites

The artist and designer of Karaite origin revitalizes the culture of his great-grandfather.
February 27, 2024

Story #138. The Old Khata Project: Documenting the Authenticity of Ukrainian Houses and Their Owners

The story of a unique project in Ukraine that documents traditional rural houses and shares the stories of their owners.
February 24, 2024

It all started at 4 am: Ukrainians' testimonies on the start of the full-scale war

Ukrainians' recollections of the first day of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine.
February 23, 2024

“I want to live a little longer”: Recollecting People’s Memories About The War

As we mark the second anniversary of full-scale war and tenth anniversary of Russian invasion, we reflect on Ukrainians’ stories to illustrate war’s enduring impact.
February 15, 2024

Story #137: Artist Transforms Her Traumas into Visual Diary

Yevheniia Laptii, a photographer from Kharkiv, talks about how the war has changed her art and the pride she takes in her unbreakable city.