January 19, 2024

How does Ukraine Discourage Russian Air Attacks?

In this #UkraineWorldAnalysis, we delve into how Ukraine became the first military to down an A-50 military aircraft in history and how Russia motivates soldiers...
January 19, 2024

Story #132: An Environment Defender on the Dangers of War and Hardships of Work

Environmental lawyer Olena conducts field studies to forecast the war's aftermath on Ukraine's nature before it's too late.
January 12, 2024

What Should We Know About Ukrainian Dissidents of the 1960s [Shistdesyatnyky]?

Vaclav Havel once said that "Truth and love must triumph over lies and hatred." These values were also very powerful among the Ukrainian cultural movement of the...
January 11, 2024

Story #131: Librarian Educates Children Despite Carnage and Peril

Tetyana started an English-speaking club to teach and entertain children in a village where every building has been damaged.
December 28, 2023

Christmas Lights on Mortar: How Ukrainian Defenders Spent the Holidays

Ukrainian soldiers revisit their memories of celebrating Christmas and New Year amidst the challenges of military duty.
December 22, 2023

Supporting Ukraine on Land and Sea: In Memoriam of Maciej Bednarski

Honoring the memory of Polish soldier Maciej Bednarski, who enlisted in the Armed Forces of Ukraine to fight for justice.
December 21, 2023

"Love still seen in such chaos": In Memoriam of Danish Paramedic Oscar

Honoring the courageous paramedic from Denmark who died serving Ukraine.
December 18, 2023

What Impact Has the Russian-Ukrainian War Had on European Neighbourhood Policy?

Some may regard the European Neighbourship as the EU frontier, but how have these imaginary borders changed through the Russo-Ukrainian war?
December 15, 2023

Story #129. "I can't bear to see people cry": Ukrainian Actor Turned Volunteer

Dmytro Vivchariuk, a Ukrainian stage and film actor, directed his energy toward helping the people.
December 7, 2023

Story #127: Frontline Savior Cures Ukrainian Heroes Since 2014

Olha, a doctor from Chernivtsi, lives in the pre-front zones to be here for the wounded.