August 10, 2023

Rethinking imperialism, a look from Ukraine and India - with Aman Sethi

How can we think about imperialism and colonialism today?
August 8, 2023

Ukraine in the world today - with David Rieff

We talked to famous writer and war correspondent David Rieff about the role played by Ukraine and the Ukrainian struggle in the world today.
August 3, 2023

Being a poet and a woman on the frontline - with Yaryna Chornohuz

We talked with Yaryna Chornohuz, a Ukrainian poet and activist, who became a soldier to defend her homeland.
August 1, 2023

The war seen by a Financial Times journalist - with Christopher Miller

This episode is a conversation with journalist Christopher Miller, who has lived in Ukraine for years and reported on many events here.
July 28, 2023

Ukraine's counteroffensive is ongoing; Russia bombs cultural heritage sites - Weekly, 21-28 July

Latest updates on the ongoing counteroffensive in Ukraine. Recent Russian attacks on civilian cities, with a particular emphasis on Odesa this week.
July 22, 2023

How can science help Ukraine win and recover? - With Yury Gogotsi

What role can science play in Ukraine’s victory and recovery?
July 21, 2023

Russia threatens global food security - Weekly, 15-21 July

Russia withdraws from the grain deal and puts global food security at risk.
July 17, 2023

Russian narratives in the world: are they still powerful? - with Nina Kuryata

Are Russian narratives still widespread in the world today? What are the most toxic ones?
July 17, 2023

The NATO Summit; Russia’s continuing violation of international law - Weekly, 11-17 July

The NATO Summit in Vilnius: was it a complete disappointment for Ukraine, or was there a bright side?
July 12, 2023

The History Driving Russia's Acts of Aggression - with Visegrad Insight

The discussion focuses on delving into the historical legacy of mass violence against innocents and current developments in Ukraine.