October 22, 2018

Open letter calling on Ukraine not to jeopardize publications in EU languages

We, the undersigned, took notice of the draft law on Ukrainian state language No 5670-d (, which passed...
July 22, 2018

5 Ukraine’s public anti-corruption initiatives that can inspire you

According to opinion polls, corruption, along with the war in the east, is the biggest problem citizens face in Ukraine. A surge of activism and protest movements...
June 7, 2018

Ukrainian Education in the New Era

The Soviet model education system, which was adjusted to independent Ukraine, does not suit modern times. This is the claim that has long been voiced by teachers,...
May 23, 2018

Why Ukraine Urgently Needs Electoral Reform

The change of the electoral system is possibly the only way to fight political corruption in Ukraine. Yet, there is no much time before the parliamentary elections...
May 20, 2018

New Ukrainian Health Сare System: “From Scratch” to Successful Changes

The health care system of Ukraine has been in need of fundamental changes for many years. During 26 years of independence, the country has faced many unsuccessful...
May 17, 2018

Critically Judicial: How the Selection of Judges Drags Down Reform – Interview

The great expectations that Ukrainian and international experts community has put on the proposed Anti-corruption Court can be compared with no less great expectations...
April 20, 2018

Five Benefits of the Launch of 4G in Ukraine

At the end of March 2018, Ukrainian mobile carriers launched 4G high-speed networks for Ukrainian users in test mode. The high-speed network is currently only available...
April 19, 2018

European Insights into Public Administration Reform in Ukraine

A conversation with Gregor Virant, the Head of the International Advisory Council working in Ukraine, about the progress and the perspectives of the public administration...
April 13, 2018

How to Bring Administrative Services Closer to People: The Story of the Tiachiv Community

No queues and accessible services of European quality – we are talking about the Administrative Service Centre of the Tiachiv amalgamated community located in Zakarpattia...
March 5, 2018

What Might Be Next In EU-Ukraine Relations?

The EU-Ukraine Association Agreement (AA) has been, perhaps, the most dramatic EU deal with a third country.