April 22, 2020

“The West drains Ukraine”, “EU and NATO become obsolete”: anti-Western messages in Ukraine #2

Internews Ukraine and are continuing to publish a regular roundup of anti-Western messages in Ukraine aimed at undermining trust in democracy and...
April 15, 2020

Mythical "Soros" buys Ukrainian land and teaches kids: Anti-Western messages in Ukraine # 1

Key anti-Western messages in the Ukrainian information space, 30 March-13 April
November 28, 2019

Memocracy: How Social Networks Affect Politics In Ukraine

This study proves that Ukrainian Facebook, Instagram and VKontakte are flawed virtual mirrors that provide us with only a distorted picture of society. They all...
October 24, 2019

Ukraine’s New Parliament: What Social Media Users Think About It

Since the new Verkhovna Rada began working, Ukrainian social media users have scrutinized and criticized every decision made by new MPs and the President’s appointees....
October 8, 2019

Split Orthodoxies: How Russia Portrayed Independence of Ukraine’s Church

Russia still has enormous influence over the information space of neighbouring countries. When Ukraine was seeking the Tomos (a decree on autocephaly from the Ecumenical...
September 30, 2019

Beyond Religion: What media outlets in Armenia, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine say about the autocephaly of Ukrainian Orthodoxy

The establishment of the independent Orthodox Church in Ukraine brings a fundamental change to Russian influence and soft power structure in post-Soviet countries....
September 13, 2019

Fire and fury: anti-Ukrainian hate speech on Russian social networks

With VK, a Russian social network, finding itself the subject of sanctions in Ukraine, its pro-Russian users are flooding Ukraine-related discussions with hate speech.
August 28, 2019

Memocracy: What role social networks played in Ukraine’s parliamentary vote

The social media activity of both political parties, as well as ordinary users, largely defined the results of the snap parliamentary elections in Ukraine. While...
August 20, 2019

Peacetime and Crisis Information Hygiene in Ukraine: takeaways from Estonian Festival

Following a public call for ideas, the Festival’s programme includes those topics that matter most to its participants. Russian-speaking participants raised a conversation...
July 19, 2019

Ukraine’s Elections on Facebook, Instagram and VK: What Ukrainian Users Think About the Top Parties and Leaders

With the Ukrainian snap parliamentary elections race coming to an end, Ukrainians are using the most popular social networks to react actively to the news around...